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a "fresh voice"

Whether judging by the youth of our members or the substance of our message, VOYAGE is bringing a fresh voice to the national debate on America’s global role. It comes not a moment too soon.

Amid the turbulence and uncertainty of the post-September 11 era, U.S. foreign and security policy has undergone a dramatic transformation. A doctrine of preemptive warfare has been advanced as a central piece of our national security strategy. We have neglected key multilateral institutions and contemptuously dismissed major international agreements. And we have launched an ill-defined "war on terrorism" that is reshaping entire regions of the world, with little understanding of long-term consequences. Change, to put it mildly, is in the air. But while much has been said about the changes we are now experiencing, the debate has taken place within a dangerously narrow range of ideas. A basic question has gone largely unanswered: Is this how America ought to be using its immense power?

It is this question that VOYAGE aims to keep in the spotlight - not by demonizing anyone, not through partisan sloganeering, but with substantive and ongoing analysis of foreign affairs in mainstream media venues. We put conventional wisdom to the test with a vision of "socially responsible internationalism." It’s not a vision of a militarily weak United States. Far from it. We celebrate a strong America while celebrating also the common values that can bring hope and reconciliation to a world plagued by mistrust and violence.

We applaud the things we like and thoughtfully criticize the things we don’t. And we don’t care if we step on a few toes - Democratic, Republican, or any other - in the process. Ideas come first.

Though there’s much work to do in building an American partnership with the wider world, VOYAGE is ready to do its part over the long term. So please, get to know us. We’re here to stay. And we look forward to our conversations with the American people.

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