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Poised to Lead
New Op-Ed by Sen. Gary Hart, VOYAGE Founder Nate Olson in Rocky Mountain News

Blending a superpower's trade, travel and technological tools with an old-fashioned desire to help others, young people can export hope to the forgotten places of the world while importing the same spirit of international solidarity that followed 9/11.  continue

Cause and effect essay: writing tips, popular topics
New Article Links Liberal Education, Global Understanding

It is widely known that each action or event has its cause previously and its effect afterwards. Sometimes essay writers are to produce cause and effect essays, researching certain events. Usually these essays have traditional five paragraphs structure and motivate students develop their analytical skills in academic writing. Most of the teachers are convinced that cause and effect essays are perfect for making students practice their material awareness and critical thinking skills. Cause and effect essays are different, some of them are focused only upon researching the causes of concrete phenomenon, others are related to causes and effects of this phenomenon.

If students are not provided with the topic by their tutors, they are to meet the challenge of choosing the correct topic themselves. Sometimes it is easer for a student to define first the general category and then consider various concrete topic options. The better is the topic chosen, the more would be the student motivated to do the research and the writing. In reality there are a lot of events and things, which take place and cause people ask the question – Why? When this question arises, there is an opportunity to consider the potential reasons of it. Afterwards, when the question - So what? is asked, then students are to consider its effects. Building connections between events and ideas, following the conditions, necessary for the events to take place – these are only some examples of the needed skills for the students to produce good cause and effect essays. Popular topics might vary; they could include The effect of a meaningful event in your life, The effect of computers for society, The environmental effects of bottled water, etc. The more complex is the topic, the more acute it is for modern world, the better could be the research.  

Toward a Common Good
New Article Links Liberal Education, Global Understanding

"Building wider circles of community is essential for those of us coming of age in this era of interdependence," writes VOYAGE founder Nate Olson in the current edition of Liberal Education. "And in that common endeavor, liberal education is an essential building block."  continue

Human Rights

Bringing Soccer to
Kibera's Streets

Exploring the Amazon
and Africa
VOYAGE Issues Report on Ethiopia Visit
Olson Points to "Peril, Potential, and a Path Forward"

VOYAGE founder Nate Olson today issued a report on his visit to Ethiopia, where he met with government officials and members of a U.S. Congressional delegation. The trip is the first installment in the VOYAGE "Citizenship Goes Global" world tour.  continue
Download complete report here.

"Out to Change the World"
New Feature Article Turns More Heads Toward VOYAGE

A recent VOYAGE profile in the Courier-Journal explains how the organization, powered by "a diverse mix of interests and expertise," is emerging as a force that "just might change the world."  continue

voyage members speak out on "superpower"
Duo Challenges Americans to Match Might with Compassion

Highlighting the work of fellow VOYAGE member Rye Barcott in Kenya, Alex Little and Nate Olson write in a recent op-ed piece that "America can be strong and principled at the same time." "Investing our good fortune in the futures of others," they continue, "won't diminish our resolve when the time comes to fight."  continue

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